Saturday, January 14, 2012

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball: A Review by Kathy Porter

Joy. Peace. Hope. Goodwill to men.

These are but just a few of the most beautiful words, and phrases, known to man. Throughout the hustle and bustle of the year, how often we forget just how sweet they sound--until the world joins together in a conspiracy of love at Christmas to rejoice, once more, in the birth of our Savior.

However, it is also in the hustle and bustle of Christmas that we can sometimes forget, or stop looking, for the purpose God has in mind for each individual. Love may seem completely lost. Yet, it is within the holiday season when we may open our eyes to the fact that love is not lost, but has rather been in front of our eyes, ears, and noses all along.

In Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball, Donita K. Paul remarkably weaves together the lives of Cora Crowder and Simon Derrick, two residents in a "sleepy, snow-covered city," as they begin to realize--as will readers--that hope is never lost.

Paul manages to intertwine spirituality, hope, faith, and mystery into every aspect of the plot, which is so often rare to come by in today's society.

Readers begin their journey as Cora Crowder stops in the magical, mystical, and yet mysteriously unusual Warner, Werner, and Wizbotterdad's bookshop to purchase a Christmas gift. From there, the plot only thickens as this trip to the bookstore also results in the surprise meeting, and encounter, she shares with Simon Derrick, a co-worker. When they both receive a ticket for a unique (for lack of a better term) Christmas ball, their lives are forever changed.

Not only is the story line entertaining--in fact, it's nearly impossible to put this novella down once started--yet the theme is much-needed in a sometimes cold, dark, world.

Things are not always as they seem, and seldom in the world of literature has this lesson been brought forth in such a special manner as Paul has perfectly demonstrated in this masterpiece.

Just as the booksellers of the uncommon bookshop strive to bring people together and then link them romantically, God IS matchmaker of our souls. When he decides to bring people together--for the ups and downs of life--it is meant to happen. Taking a risk can save our souls.

It would be easy to post a review which would contain several pages, as this novella is just that good, yet one last thought can sum up 226 pages: One primal spiritual truth for all individuals--regardless of their religious beliefs--is the fact that God loves us. He never intended for man to be alone. Yet, in our human minds and spirits, we sometimes believe we are destined to stay alone for the rest of our lives. When we are able to completely trust, and put love, into God's hands, though, the end results may be surprising. What more appropriate time to witness a miracle than Christmas?

Are you looking for a miracle in your life? Does your soul long to be inspired? Look no further than to Donita K. Paul's Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball. Your spirit will soar year-round as you breathe in the depths of God's love, relayed to you through an entertaining, fictional, story.

*I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.*


  1. Sounds like a super sweet book. Thanks for the review. Hugs and have a great weekend!!! :O)

  2. What a true, confident, warm, loving review. Your academic ability to write is remarkable! It sounds to me that you are so skillfull of what you did here that you can write reviews for anyone, in the movies, tv, or anywhere performances are created. Theatre, wow, what an extreme, talented young lady. Very nicely written kathy!